Download Viral Go Responsive Blogger Template

Download  Viral Go Responsive Blogger Template
Hello friends how are you today? i hope you guys are good then let’s go to our topic today
it’s our topic today about blogger template, what is this template and what is its specialty so let’s know all that things

Features Availability
Responsive True Cek
Mobile Friendly True Cek
SEO Friendly True
Personal Blog True
2 Column True
Light Base Color True
Search Box True
Top Navigation True
Sticky Navigation True
Back to Top Button True
Grid Style True
Page Numbered True
Share Button True
Footer Navigation True
Footer Widget True
Breadcrumb True
Featured Slider True
Related Post True
Recent Post True
Mid Header True

It is up to you which version you would like to use, but my recommendation is that you use it for free.

How to Install a Google Blogger Template

For those who are interested, you can see the features below and the live demo blog in the sidebar of this blog. Viral Go Responsive Blogger Template.

  1. Log in to Blogger, and on your Blogger Dashboard, click the Design link.
  2. Click the Edit HTML tab.
  3. Click the Download Full Template link and save it to your computer.
  4. Make a note of the file name and where you saved it in case you need it later!
  5. Unzip the template file you downloaded from another site.
  6. Back on the Edit HTML page, click the Choose File button.
  7. Navigate to where you saved the unzipped files on your computer, and double-click the one that ends in .xml.
  8. Click the Upload button.
  9. If you already have some existing widgets on your Blogger blog, you may get a warning message asking whether you want to keep them or delete them. If you want to preserve the work you’ve done before, click the Keep Widgets button. If you don’t need them anymore, click the Delete Widgets button.
  10. When the upload is complete, you get a message at the top of the page that says Your Changes Have Been Saved.
  11. Click the View Blog button to ensure that your blog looks the way you want it to look.
  12. You may have to remove or move some page elements in order to get the template to display properly.

You can install in one click and it gets set up in any website with great ease.
And this website looks very professional.
You can edit the manual of this template very easily by going into the layout and you can change the name of the manu..
With this, the design has been done in such a way that people can use it very easily.
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