Download CooCoo WhatsApp

Download CooCoo WhatsApp
CooCoo WhatsApp is one of the latest WhatsApp Mod applications that comes with an anti-banned feature.

For those of you who are interested in using CooCoo WhatsApp, we will provide the following reviews.

8 Featured Features of CooCoo WhatsApp

The popularity of CooCoo WhatsApp as one of the WhatsApp Mod applications is certainly due to its many and interesting features.

Application Name CooCoo WhatsApp
The developer CooCoo WhatsApp
New version 3.15
Size 53MB
Android required version 4.0 and higher
Well, here are the excellent features of CooCoo WhatsApp that we quoted from as the latest technology information media:

1. Anti Banned Feature

CooCoo WhatsApp guarantees its users that the application is anti-banned and safe to use.

This is certainly in line with the commitment of the developer to always follow the latest updates and privacy policy from WhatsApp officially to minimize the occurrence of banned for users.

2. Color Phone Featuresc

With the Color Phone feature, you can personalize the voice call screen display.
This feature allows users to be able to add unique themes to the voice call display.

That way users will certainly feel more happy because they can distinguish the call screen between one contact with another contact.

3. Privacy Settings Featurec

For those of you who feel privacy is very important, CooCoo WhatsApp can be used as your flagship WA application. With WhatsApp Mod this one you can make privacy settings such as:

Features Availability
Hide online status. True
Hide last seen. True
Hiding check feature two. True
Hide the blue check feature. True
Hide status while typing and recording. True
Hide the status of certain contacts. True
Hide names and times when copying messages. True

4. Beauty Effect Feature

Until this article was made, CooCoo WhatsApp is the only WhatsApp Mod application that offers a Beauty Effect feature when making a Video Call.

With this feature, you can choose about 70 video effects, beauty cameras, and add various face filters.

This feature can certainly add to your video call experience to be more fun and colorful.

5. Transparent Theme Features

As with other WhatsApp Mods, CooCoo WhatsApp also comes with a personalized display feature with thousands of themes available in the application library for free.

However, the developer also added another addition that is rarely found on WhatsApp Mod, which is a transparent theme.

The transparent theme will change the look that is boring and seem stiff to be more modern and elegant.

6. Anti Revoke feature

WhatsApp officially provides a feature to delete or withdraw messages after a while the message is sent. If this is done then the recipient of the message will not be able to read the message that has been withdrawn.

If you use CooCoo WhatsApp this will not happen, because of the anti-delete message feature in this application. Allows you to still be able to read messages that have been deleted or pulled by the sender of the message.

7. Send files up to 100MB

The developer of the CooCoo WhatsApp application also provides tweaks in terms of sending files, using this WhatsApp mod application you can send various file formats such as PDF, XLSX, PPTX, TXT, DOCX, RTF, APK, ZIP, Audio, Photos, and Video.

In addition you can also send files up to 100 MB in size. Even more cool photos and videos will be sent according to the original resolution.

8. See Media Preview Without Having to Download

The last excellent feature of CooCoo WhatsApp is that you can view images or videos sent without having to download and save the file on your cellphone.

Download and install CooCoo WhatsApp

WhatsApp chat backup.
Install CooCoo WhatsApp that you have downloaded.
Run and then login with your WhatsApp account.