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Why You Should Be Using the Keywords Everywhere Extension?

Why You Should Be Using the Keywords Everywhere Extension?
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For the past year, I’ve been finding myself turning into a greater fan of the Keywords Everywhere Tool. Through trial and error of testing many different key-word research equipment and websites, I always find myself coming again to this one. It is convenient to use and in my opinion the most convenient. If you aren’t familiar with Keywords Everywhere it is an extension that is handy for each Chrome and Firefox that displays the search quantity for keywords proper in Google’s search bar. There are many motives why I prefer this device over Keyword Planner, so let’s simply get right into it.

Why You Should Be Using the Keywords Everywhere Extension?

It Saves Time

Once you download this tool, you’ll be capable to say goodbye to all the time you’ve spent gaining knowledge of and evaluating key phrases on unique platforms. My favored feature about the Keywords Everywhere tool is that you can shortly get the search quantity for any keyword by going immediately to Google and typing it in. Technically, you don’t even have to search for the keyword. The tool directly displays the search extent for that keyword in the Google Autocomplete section, as nicely as lists extra keywords. In the instance below, you’ll see the search extent for the keyword “hotels in West Florida”. It also shows the cost-per-click (CPC) of the keyword and competition data. However, if you do hit search, you’ll find many greater keyword ideas, which is my subsequent purpose why I’m a fan of this tool.

Why You Should Be Using the Keywords Everywhere Extension?

Additional Keyword Suggestions

Once you search for a key-word in Google, the tool will additionally show Related Keywords on the right-hand side of the search results. The key phrases displayed in this widget are phrases that human beings often search for in addition to the key-word that you searched. Then, if you scroll all the way to the backside of the search results, you’ll find even extra key-word suggestions. These are searches that additionally relate to the search you made. I have always found each of these widgets very helpful for new keyword ideas. It also helps that it displays the search quantity for the keywords, so you don’t have to go and research them yourself.

Why You Should Be Using the Keywords Everywhere Extension?

Star Your Favorite Keywords for Later

Another function I find useful is the capability of the famous person your favorite keywords. This function is available in the Google Search function. As you big name the keywords you want, the device will bring together them into a listing for later. Once you are completed with your keyword research, you can go to the extension icon at the pinnacle of your browser, click on on “My preferred keywords”, and then it will take you to your listing of key phrases that you favorited the place you can edit them and export into a file.

Why You Should Be Using the Keywords Everywhere Extension?

It is Free
Keywords Everywhere are free to use. There is no month-to-month or each year commitment and it provides the same records as Keyword Planner. The statistics that are pulled through Keyword Everywhere are the equal facts that are released by using Google. All you need to do to set up this tool is to download the extension and then you’ll need an API key that will be sent to you by email. Once you have obtained the key all that is left is validating it and you’ll be set to search for as many and all keywords that you want.

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