Why Articles Lost from Google Search?

As a blogger, of course, you will be happy when the article he made is able to appear on the first page of Google. But have you ever experienced when an article on a Google page suddenly disappeared from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Why Articles Lost from Google Search?

There are several analyses that might be a factor in the "missing" article on Google. After searching for problems from reading references on the internet, I finally concluded that the posts could be lost from the SERP because of several factors causing the following missing articles from Google search.

Duplicate content

Duplicate Content can occur because of the same content, description or post title as other blogs. It is difficult to avoid if there is another blog that has the same title or description as our blog. This is already a risk because the competition on Google is quite tight, so as much as possible they make titles and descriptions that contain keywords. Look at the following SERP. Everything with the same title.

Duplicate content can be intentional or unintentional, but things like this are not good for blogs. Google will find it difficult to index which content should be a reference because usually there are blogs that are less competitive due to this.

2. Excessive backlinks

The use of backlinks to increase SERP ranking on Google is one of the tricks of blogger. Of course with blogs that have high DA and PA will make the level of competition high. But giving excessive backlinks will be suspected by Google, especially if the blog is new. Blogs might even get Google penalties. So try to provide backlinks slowly, gradually, and varied. Give DoFollow backlinks and occasional nofollow. Don't be in a hurry because you want to directly rank first on Google. You could immediately give a lot of backlinks to your article and be ranked first at that time. But a few months later disappeared from the search.

3. Broken Link

When making articles, make sure to be careful before being published. If it needs to be read again, whether it is pleasant to read or not. Research word for word and link links. Check again whether the link installed is correct or not. The existence of a broken link will affect PageRank on Google and reduce the value of SEO articles.

4. Strict Competition on Google

Targeting keywords with high search volume and high competition will certainly be more difficult to penetrate the first page of Google. Making quality and certainly unique articles certainly has the opportunity to occupy the top SERP & nbsp; SEO Friendly articles are still a powerful main weapon competing on the google search. But don't ever use black hat SEO or cheating things that are prohibited by Google because your article will not last long on SERP & nbsp; Google is even lost on search.

Maybe that's a number of factors that cause missing articles from SERP. Therefore, as a blogger, make original and unique articles. Write articles flowing what is on your mind. Thus the causes of missing articles from Google search
Maybe useful.

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