What is the difference between VPN and DNS? Which is better for streaming?

You may often hear VPN and DNS words, especially when you want to watch (streaming) content that is not yet available in your area. But what is the difference between VPN and DNS, and which one is more appropriate for streaming activity?

What is the difference between VPN and DNS? Which is better for streaming?
VPN and Smart DNS are services that can help you so that you are no longer limited by the area of viewing content on the internet.

VPN or 'Virtual Private Network' is a network that allows you to connect to a private network with a better level of security.

With a VPN, your original IP address will be changed to allow you to open streaming sites or content that is blocked at your location.

DNS, which stands for 'Domain Name System', can easily be understood like a telephone book that has name information for the IP address that the website has.

When you stream, you can change the default DNS provided by the provider with the desired DNS, one that is often used is SmartDNS.

By using SmartDNS, you can access blocked sites and affect the speed of your internet access.

If you want to stream, using VPN is recommended because VPNs disguise your real IP address.

In addition, the data that is loaded during the active VPN will be encrypted properly so that the confidentiality of your identity is better maintained.

If you are not too concerned about identity, you can use Smart DNS which can provide better streaming speeds.

Some content that can not be opened with VPN is also available with Smart DNS.

so where is the better? DNS or VPN?
Fr me DNS haha,,

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