What Happens If You Dont Shut Down Your Computer Properly?

1. Loss of data on the registry
While the computer is in the process of operation or is still operating, the computer will register or the registry of the available computer components or applications that have been used, this will result in the component or application being stored in the registry, which will result in the recovery system not working properly.
What Happens If You Dont Shut Down Your Computer Properly?

2. Will reduce the life of computer components
Whenever a computer dishutdown processing unit or a processor gives instructions to the bios to stop all component work there, it will control the incoming stream of the component, if you turn off the computer with incorrect flow over time your components will be quickly broken.

3. The processor will be easily damaged
During shutdown the bios will play an important role in shutting down the fan cooller on the processor, if it is shut off suddenly then the processor snaps.
Memory is easily damaged where during shutdown the memory or cache system will be cleared, it will cause memory damage.

4. Hard disk is broken
If the operating system is not closed shutdown and correct according to step, it is possible that the disk on the hard disk is easily damaged, because the current supply is off, the head or head of the hard disk will be quickly damaged.

p/s : Gunakanlah PC/Laptop anda dengan cermat.

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