How to Install jQuery Migrate on Blogger

What is jQuery Migrate?

Quoted from, jQuery Migrate is a javascript library that allows to maintain the compatibility of jQuery code that was developed for the older version of jQuery from jQuery version 1.9. This basically returns functions and features so that older code will still run properly on the latest jQuery versions and so on.

How to Install jQuery Migrate on Blogger
Usually if there is an old code that only runs on the old version of jQuery library (such as version 1.7.1) in the Blogger template the code will not run on the latest version of jQuery library (Current version 3.3.1). So installing jQuery Migrate allows you to re-run the old code installed even though your template uses the latest version of jQuery library.

For example, such as the Backward Compatibility system on PlayStation 3 game consoles, besides being able to play PlayStation 3 games, PS3 game consoles can still play games from PlayStation 2. That's an example.

Of course it will be better if there is no old code in your blog template and you don't need to install the code that I will share.

How to Install jQuery Migrate on Blogger

For friends who add old code and still want to retain the code but want to use the current jQuery library, you can install the jQuery Migrate code below before </ head> on your template.
<script src=''/>
Okay, how about posting How to Install jQuery Migrate on Blogger. Hopefully useful and welcome.

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