DNS Application from Cloudflare For Smartphone Source

Virtual Private Network or commonly abbreviated as VPN is widely used to open sites that are blocked or secure our internet connection so that our original IP address is not tracked and of course safe from hackers.
DNS Application from Cloudflare For Smartphone Source

One of the VPNs that Tekno Match recommends here is public DNS service, made by Cloudflare, now comes through the same Android and iOS application, after some time being tested via the beta. Cloudflare DNS was first launched in April in the form of a website.

This public DNS service promises privacy and higher internet connection speeds for users. With the free mobile application available from CloudFlare, users can easily access the public DNS.

When you first open, the application will request installation of the Cloudflare VPN profile on the device. This VPN is used to transfer internet traffic from the user's device to Cloudflare's DNS server. After the VPN profile is installed, just press the large "connect" button in the application view.

 As long as DNS is active, user privacy is claimed to be protected because browsing activities cannot be spotted by internet service providers (ISPs) or site owners (webmasters).

Cloudflare will delete all activity logs every 24 hours.
This Cloudflare DNS resolver service can also overcome sensor problems such as sites that are blocked in certain regions of the country, while promising a higher internet connection speed.

Cloudflare claims is faster up to 28 percent compared to other public DNS such as Cisco OpenDNS or Google Public DNS. Although increasing privacy, DNS Cloudflare is not a VPN because it doesn't really encrypt traffic or hide user identities on the internet.

While the Cloudflare application is actively connected to DNS, users cannot activate VPN services from other parties on their devices.

To install on your device you can visit this link:

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